SAFCAB (pronounced SAFE-CAB)  simply means "Stay Away From Crazy Ass Bitches/Bastards" Sounds "funny" or maybe even offensive when you first hear it, but trust me, this is no laughing matter and we take it very seriously.  This is simply another means of reaching out and offering support to some who otherwise would not seek it or feel comfortable asking for help.  We've all had that person in our lives that mentally, physically or emotionally caused an unbearable amount of pain in our lives.  Sometimes it's all of the above.  This would be your "CAB".  This is the person you need to "Stay Away From".  But as many of you well know, CAB's have a tendency to be relentless, sometimes to the point of stalking you, be it in person, constant phone calls or via the internet (cyber stalkers).  Usually, you love or loved this person at some point in your relationship and at times you feel weak to this person.  On a "weak" day, they may call and say all the things you want to hear and you think "Maybe we can work this out.  I'm going over there."  You know better, but you have that one grain of hope that you can make it work "this time".  This is where SAFCAB comes into play.  

SAFCAB is a support group or "system" if you will.  You have 2 friends that know your situation that you can call 24/7 on those "weak" days.  They are there to tell you the ugly truth and to keep you from making the same mistake you have made in the past, going back to your CAB.  This system was used by its creators to successfully break the pattern of splitting up with and going back to those abusive relationships that they knew deep down would never work.  By the way...a CAB does not necessarily have to be a romantic relationship.  It can be a friend, co-worker or casual acquaintance.  The key is to break free from these relationships and SAFCAB.  It only works if you do what the name says.  I would say "if" we just helped one person stay out of an abusive relationship then it would all be worth it, but this sytem has already helped so many people.  Once you use the system enough and become stronger through its support, you will actually be able to SAFCAB yourself.  This is what SAFCAB is and what SAFCAB is all about.  We want you all to know that we truly believe in SAFCAB.  It really does work and it really does change people's lives for the better.

Life is too short to waste your valuable time with someone who does not view it as such.  We all deserve to be happy.  SAFCAB and you will be one step closer to the happy you, you always knew you could be.


Stay Away From Crazy Ass Bitches/Bastards