"SAFCAB is a good program and great helps you realize that maintaining your own sanity is more important than any relationship in the world. It is better to be alone than be mistreated.....your real friends will rise to the top to help you get through.....the fake friends will disappear. Be very thankful when you find someone who really loves you and cares about you......not just uses and abuses you. God bless you and remember every member in SAFCAB supports you and loves you."
-Doug L.
"SAFCAB to me isnt just a group of people that love sporting those sexy tshirts ... but a support group of friends that are there for you before you make a bad "deju'vu". Trust me, it works! Who would have thought of running into an ex at the Acorn Festival?! LOL! If you feel like you are in danger, feel like you want to re-make a mistake, or simply feeling lonely, you have an entire support group just a phone call away. Thank you SAFCAB! 4EVER!!! "
-Toni H.

Stay Away From Crazy Ass Bitches/Bastards
SAFCAB has helped many people get away from bad relationships.  One important point we want to make is that not "all" CAB's are bad people, it's just that the two people in a particular relationship can be bad for one another, causing one or both to suffer needlessly.  Here are a few testimonials from people that have been helped by SAFCAB to move on to a happier, safer, more satisfying life.  Some of the names have been changed to protect the innocent.  If you'd like to share your story, please email it to us at   

"The first week I joined SAFCAB,I had a few questions. Not really knowing alot of people, I hesitated but ask for help anyway on our page. The responses were amazing.People took their time to answer my questions.I followed the rules,and so far so good.Thank you SAFCAB. This may sound trivial to some, but it meant everything to me."
-Bonnie C.
"I have many many friends that would love to join, we've all done rides for the last 5 years for Domestic Violence in Karen's name, so I'm sure they would love it....I love what you guys are doing and feel like it is a great great idea."
-Becky B.
"I never thought in a million years that I would stand at the four gravesites of four beautiful women that I was blessed to call my friends. The last two of them were my best friends in the world... These women were not sick, or have a car or motorcycle wreck, or some other freak accident. These women were murdered by their boyfriends or husbands, and they all lived here in our area. The last time I buried a friend was January 6, 2006. She was my best friend in the world, she was like my sister, we did everything together. She was the strongest woman I knew. When I got the phone call that told me of her passing, I actually refused to believe this could happen again......But, the sad truth is, it does. It happens every day all around us every where, not caring how many times it strikes. Abusive/Toxic relationships can kill. They exist among our families, our friends, our friends friends, and some people have no one to turn to. Or at least they think they don't. I tried to help my friends, it unfortunately left me feeling like a failure. Sometimes you just don't realize how bad it is, sometimes they're to proud to tell you.
These abusive people don't know what they are doing to the people in these abused people's lives. We have to live on a daily basis wondering what we could have done different, and we have to spend eternity missing them. If SAFCAB can help in the least little bit to keep these peole safe and give them a haven of hope of a normal life, then we, meaning all of us have a duty to make sure we can do everything we can. May my dear friends rest in peace...Roma, Nancy, Joyce, KC....and their families and friends find hope in whatever may help them.. SAFCAB 4EVER!
I miss you "KC" Karen Crawford."

-Becky Buff
"20+ years ago, I was in a physically, verbally and mentally abusive relationship/marriage.  My friends and family tried to get through to me, but my stubbornness and pride kept them at arms length.  I was the "typical victim" and they did all they could do.  When I finally got the sense and gutts to leave the situation, I was stalked and almost killed.  My friends and family's lives were threatened.  I lived in fear for so many years.  I thank my lucky stars everyday that I lived another day.  I never talk much about that time in my life because it is embarressing to me because I consider myself a very strong person.  But it did happen.  Now, being a part of SAFCAB, I feel like I had to go through that in order to understand what so many others are going through everyday and to be able to understand them and be there for them in any way that I can.  If bearing my past helps just one person escape a bad relationship and live another day, then so be it!  I'm proud and happy to be a part of SAFCAB and happy that I have been able to help people that mean so much to me.  SAFCAB 4EVER!!!!!

-Sheila H.